coffee anyone?

Everyone needs a coffee cup like this!

The only question is: Should the spanking be before coffee, or after?

My opinion would be before, because then Cindy can relax and enjoy her coffee, knowing she has solved whatever needed solving!

If she wants, she can leisurely sip it while watching me standing in the corner with my bare red bottom on display.

hopefully, this will be included in the AFTER!

men enjoy being cuddled!

Your thoughts? Would you like this cup with the description on it.? Would you keep it where any guest in your house could access it?

bottoms up


Thoughts on consensual spanking

  1. No spanking should ever be rushed. It is a teaching moment for him to learn of his mistake, and atoning for the mistake.

2. When told you need to be spanked, these two captions should be obvious. This might be as soon as we are home, or if already at home, then it means NOW!

3. If ever an argument should ever happen, he must be spanked ASAP!

4. Men learn best by a weekly reminder about their responsibilities (I wish Cindy did this)

Consensual spanking works best if the above ideas are a part of the agreement for the couple. Every man should remember that being spanked means another one will happen very soon, if his behavior merits it.

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Spanking zone and techniques

Always nice to look at a picture of a beautiful bottom. Even better when it shows valuable information!

Cindy has really started to focus on the sit spot, without knowing about this diagram. I will be sending it to her, and you should consider sending it to your partner.

Time to practice!

as shown above, Cindy pulls the skin taut to really make the crack between bottom and thighs are truly spanked

Always have him high enough over your lap, ( his head significantly lower than his bottom) so that his lower bottom and the back of the legs are most prominent to be able to be spanked!

while he is helpless, do remind him why he is being spanked, and that you are nowhere close to finishing his spanking.

When his feet cannot touch the ground, he has a greater feeling of being helpless while being spanked. This is a photo of quite perfect coverage, but she should have a bath brush to finish the spanking. No reason for her hand to be sore, only his bottom.

Enjoy spanking him!

bottoms up


little spankings

Cindy and I have trouble when looking at a website to order things. My side is that she tells me what to click on while I am looking at another part of the screen, causing confusion. I am reading for understanding, whereas she is a very fast reader, skimming, and quite possibly thinking about something different than I am.

Thus, she gets annoyed when I do not click as asked, and many times I have to say where, then she gets a little more annoyed, as though it is obvious, which it is not! My thoughts were elsewhere.

My reaction is that I raise my voice (she says I shout at her) in frustration and despair of confusion.

Yesterday had another episode of this, and Cindy says you shouted at me, and I strongly disagree.

The solution is obvious. We both need to change our ways.

Later that day, I walked into our living room with the blinds open, told Cindy that I was going to spank her (10 hand spanks), and we were not going to have those arguments again. she objected that someone might see us in the window, and I replied I doubted that anyone was standing at their back upstairs window looking into our house. Ten spanks were given on her bared bottom, plus two extra as she had been counting. I informed her that a repeat of the behavior would earn her twenty spanks.

Immediately, I was then bared and over her knee for many more hand spanks than twenty.

Problem solved. The next day (today), I reminded Cindy that it would be twenty spanks if she behaved the way she behaved yesterday on the computer. We have all day, we can look together at leisure, no anxiety that something will disappear if we do not click on it instantly, and all went very smoothly.

Cindy should probably have said this yesterday!

No, I have never had my mouth soaped, and I definitely would have brought the hair brush!

However, I have done this many times, so maybe bringing both should be requested by Cindy!


to be more creative, use whatever I brought effectively to Cindy’s satisfaction, then she requests (commands) that I get the other item and use it also. Rather a nice touch to save what I felt to be worse to when I thought the punishment had finished.

What would you have chosen?

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Passing time

Well, we are hunkered down in Canada, with the winter weather, restaurants, movie theatres closed, with little to do. So if you live in the southern USA near or on the coast, let me know what it is like, as we ponder driving south for a few months.

This post is eclectic.

Have you ever wondered what your reaction would have been if your partner gave you a truly hard spanking the first time you asked, if you would have enjoyed it. I must admit that I have and still sometimes top from the bottom. In the early days, I threw away implements that were frightening, and now wish I had kept them!

Your Thoughts?

Sadly, we have never reached this stage of my crying, as Cindy stops before we reach that stage. Cindy has reached the stage where I have moist eyes, with a tear in each, but the spanking stopped.

Do you ever reach the stage of crying?

and now some humor


Naughty Nora’s WordPress blog

A regular follower and occasional comment have lead me to find her blog, and to follow her musings about her life. She enjoys being spanked, and has a fiction area of her blog for some fun m/f spankings.

She has way more followers than I have, but still I thought everyone who sees my blog should know about hers.

The title of the blog is Finding strength in my submission.

Enjoy reading about her and Daddy.

bottoms up

PS: one anti-vaxxer left a comment about being vaccinated, so I was pleased to DELETE IT!


How to decorate a house

You know that so many pictures are photoshopped, but they still amuse us. So for today, imagine you are invited to a spankers house to visit.

I would love to visit this home, knowing full well that at sometime that jokari paddle would be used on my bottom. I did see one for real, and itis a devilish implement.

If the host offers you a drink, and says “choose your poison”! Be careful! If you tell a rude joke she does not find amusing, she might say “choose your poison” from the second drawer in our bedroom.

This would be fun to see hanging on the wall, if the jokari use was uncertain in your mind!

I do learn from this method of teaching!

Your wife might want to remind you of one thing!

because the solution when she is annoyed is so very simple

bottoms up


First spanking of 2022

We are not really the type who make New Year’s resolutions! However, I am very much the submissive type.

I enjoy doing the laundry (doing it properly, sorting things, etc), and folding and putting it all away, grocery shopping ( I like to find deals), pick fruit and vegetables carefully (green beans need to be hand selected). We now have a cleaning lady, so that makes things far more pleasant.

Cindy has stated we need to get much more exercise, and thus we are determined, weather permitting, to walk every day, and increase the length of the walks. We did a lot of that when the pandemic first started, but I have become quite sedentary.

While on today’s walk, I suggested that I really would like if we did the twelve days of Christmas like a couple of years ago, with a significant spanking each day for twelve days, initiated by Cindy.

As today was the first day, she asked me to choose the implement(s?) when she stated it was time for my spanking. I chose the long tawse, as I want the spanking to be significant.

Up to the bedroom, placing three pillows on the bed to raise my bottom! Cindy did on e practice stroke, and then it was my turn bare bottom over the pillows. About fifteen strokes, slowly given, caressed my bottom. Each stroke elicited either a grunt, a strong exhale of air, and/or feet jerking about.

The spanking was very effective. Cindy was very pleased with her efforts, and told me to look in the mirror, where my bottom displayed a fine fiery red. Suffice to say that earlier today, my bottom was very pink after a shower in the morning, so a hot bottom will be with me for many days.

A spanking certainly relaxes and calms me, and also de-stresses Cindy.

One of the stressors: the new omicron has crazy numbers where we live, and who knows what the future holds. [I know my future holds a sore bottom daily 🙂 ]

enjoy life!

bottoms up