Closing time once again!

It had to come sometime, as my interest in posting wanes! However, I have written this post over a month ago, and pushed it to a later date a few times.

Will we still be into spanking?

Will my spankings now be milder because of age?

Will i ever behave perfectly in life?

but the solution is always easy

Goodbye, farewell and so long!

This gif is for blogger, for having closed my: and also stopping me from getting to my abbreviated where I was going to re-post all of it.

and remember, to all my friends who dropped by over the years

I did not interview her, but this quote is apt for our troubles with Covid!

keep enjoying life

PS: quite possibly out of the blue, as an old saying goes, I might toss out a post, but time will tell. I do have things I will eventually post, but we are off now for three weeks, and then when home we will be booking future vacations. We are going to start traveling, and getting back into the world.


Always thank your partner after being spanked

One rule at our house, is that I always have to thank Cindy for my spanking. It is a simple thing to do, showing that I accept her punishment when needed.

If she is in the mood for a better reward than just thank you, I am always willing!

maintaining my submissive role

or another way to have a wonderful time

The result


bottoms up


My Stupidity

Well, I had a sleepless night last night, due to passwords. My computer had frozen, so I had to re-boot it. Being late at night, I thought I would login to my various adult accounts. (tumblr, yahoo, wordpress).

I mis-typed, and being late at night, could not get into any site. DUMB. I almost started asking for send code to other account, but realized I was getting locked out of everywhere.

Fortunately, I stopped. Today, all the codes work! Such an idiot!

Never do any computer stuff late at night

Once I was almost scammed because I reacted to an financial email that was a scam, late at night.

The password code I had used was simplistic, but it is no longer that way. I do know now that I need to delete much more from my email, as I worried overnight. Some people I communicate with their real everyday email! I constantly state to everyone to use a different email solely for adult content you do not want anyone else to know.

I was afraid that whoever hacked my accounts, had access to this. As my accounts were not hacked, all is well! However, anyone’s real email address will be deleted from my email adult account, including my habit of sending stuff from my everyday account to my adult account.

My new password is relatively unbreakable!

Do NOT be as DUMB as I was with passwords.

Do NOT be dumb and use one password for both adult and everyday.

bottoms up


Before I go(politics)

The crisis in Ukraine is beyond words, but maybe it is time for blogs to start talking off-topic.

Our past echoes throughout today.

The difference between a leader, whose life is on the line, and a politician who goes on vacation while telling everyone not to travel, be locked down, and avoid everyone!

How about:

Josh Hawley (Republican senator- Missouri) giving support to people about to attack the capital (Washington DC)

and a leader whose life is on the line defending his capital

I am a Canadian, and when growing up I admired and thought the world of Dwight D. Eisenhower as the USA president. I wonder what he would think of these current assholes.

It is also really time people actually start reading about the history of the USA and Canada, and the world, and reacting.

A source I will suggest:

The above reviews some of the crimes from our history!. Unlike fake news, google the topic, use Bing, use whatever search engine you want, and find details about the past, and think how we can change the future.

Possibly, you might like to read again how Trump withheld arms to the Ukraine to try and get dirt on Biden.

Many of our politicians are simply concerned with optics, and being re-elected. Why is Trudeau in Europe? Has he not heard of Zoom calls. Could it be him avoiding questions about his abysmal funding of our military, about his stopping the production of oil and gas that Canada has in the ground, about inflation which he claimed could no longer exist (because he legislated it out of existence)!

I am saddened!

If you object to this post, do write a detailed comment, so I can enjoy clicking delete

bottoms up

Remember when you even read ” The Washington Post”, it is owned by Jeff Bezos


Discussion time

The amount of spanking related material is quite incredible, compared to my youth. Here is just a sample of fun thoughts and actions put together

The strong male about to be spanked by his stern wife

I never saw photos or storylines like this when growing up.

Nowadays, some men are much more comfortable with this idea, if they are inclined to be submissive, and some women are also comfortable with being dominant. I could never HAVE IMAGINED MY AUNTS SPANKING THEIR HUSBANDS, but the idea of hen pecked was a normal situation in some families!

Now, the concept among a part of society, (maybe small but willing to share their fantasy or reality)

apologies the gif is so fast

are that men are allowed to be whatever they please (again, in a part of society)

Times change, and normally, for the better.

bottoms up


kitchen thoughts

If you are in a consensual spanking relationship, you already know that is

Cindy has usually just picked it up and stated bare your bottom and bend over, and I end up staring out our kitchen window and dancing on my toes as my bottom is roasted.

However, a few times, I have known I was really wrong, and pulled out a chair for a much longer spanking as shown above.

Although it has never happened, Cindy could always say ” go get the bath brush and bring it to me”

or any paddle in the kitchen would work wonders

a better version of bottoms up

think about it


Happy Spankers

I always enjoy seeing posed spanking pictures, but with the woman spanker smiling! The thought of the woman having fun while spanking you is delightful.

Continuing to smile. or a satisfied smirk by the coloring of your cheeks and your squirming and yelping are even more amazing.

the little smile of satisfaction when he really howls

As erotic as stern women holding a spanking implement and staring at you, I find these even more erotic.

Which type of photo do you prefer?

bottoms up

The absurdities of our times


A greeting method when needed

Sometimes, it is best to cut to the chase, with no preliminaries, when you are arriving home.

The decision has already been made

But maybe you were about to go out, and asked your wife if she was ready. Her reply was come see my outfit, I am definitely ready! Are You?

Maybe you were asked to “come see me” for a minute!

You might wish your boss had called you to her office for a little accounting

However your wife decides to solve a problem

know that it is in your best wishes to comply

bottoms up

Men need to be spanked by their wives whenever men misbehave