Still here, but at a new address

I was intending to close my blog in the next week or two, when unfortunately I had a virus on my computer.

Unknowingly, I made a post on blogger, with photos, that contained this virus. They deleted my blog, because I had uploaded a virus, but a method was available to appeal the decision. After 12 years with this blog,, and probably eight years with the previous, one might think they would cut me a little slack.

I appealed the ruling, and explained, but they stated


Thanks for contacting us.

We have reviewed your request regarding your account and confirmed that you have violated our Terms of Service. Therefore, we will not reinstate your account.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information about our policies and the actions that we take in response to policy violations on our products.

The Google Team”

“wish I use this on the person who deleted my blog”

Researching, I imagine the reason they DELETED my blog is for the use of pictures that were not my own creation. Thus, a word of warning to those posting like I did. Most photos were from other websites, without the legal permission to use them

I wonder what WordPress rules are?

I will post for an indefinite amount of time, so drop by and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

One reason for blogging here is simply to challenge myself to learn new things.

now, will you reinstate Red’s blog, or do you need more?

So, here is my new home!

bottoms up

My parting thoughts to blogger