Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

Some (many??) of us have an erotic charge from the topic of spanking. For men, it may mean an erection while thinking about being spanked, viewing spanking pictures, reading spanking literature, or spanking your partner. For women, the same applies, but I imagine it would best be described as a warm glow of moisture in their pussy.

Sadly, spankos I think never have as much spanking as they wish, but are grateful for every spanking adventure.

Thus, I have found I have to ask at times, to be spanked!

Personally, I have moved beyond my deliberately doing something that would get me spanked. However, having senior moments (throughout my life, not just now), I do things that result quickly in a spanking, but it is definitely unplanned on my part.

Thus, at times, I either ask for a spanking, or send a private email for Cindy to consider and spank when she has the inclination to spank me. (Many times, we are simply doing good boy spankings)

Delightful, and worrisome to hear

Do you occasionally or often have the same experience?

This look to me says you will be spanked!

bottoms up

WOW!!! Simply WOW!


A spanker should be happy!

Hi Everyone: Having had time to look around blogger, and tumblr, twitter, and other sites, the amount of spanking photos / gifs / videos that are so abundant that their is little reason for me to post any, unless the muse strikes with fun items.

I believe the spanker should always be happy: before, during and after spanking you! What do you think?

I understand better, by being spanked! If I have upset Cindy, then I should be spanked! Do You Agree?

If Cindy wants something done, I have learned to do it reasonably soon! What has been your experience?

Bottoms up

If you are vaccinated, then you may be beginning to socialize again! Here is a tip for dating new friends

A Tumblr site with lots of humor : I recommend it.

If You are NOT vaccinated, you are the problem!


Eclectic fun post

In moving from tumblr to tumblr, one comes across some really neat stuff!

Kate McKinnon getting her hair pulled by a pornstar Nina Hartley has really useful information for everyone…

Believe it or not, this is something to remove your gag reflex. Something for you guys to show your ladies, and something some guys might like to know
This WILL earn you a spanking
If she decides you need to be spanked, you will be spanked

bottoms up


Our fetish with womens’ bums

Many of us males who might be classified as submissive in some aspects of life have many fetishes! One in particular is the female bum, which is exceedingly beautiful, in almost every shape and form

One prime example is Sheralee Conners / Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, July 1961, where in our early years, you saw bottoms galore, but only sides of breasts, and never the vagina.

Never underestimate how shy males would find it hard to speak to girls, if they had a group of guys they hung out, and then no one for many of the teenager years. Staring at a woman’s BOTTOM did not cause embarrassment, as might at breasts, and one dare not lower ones gaze below the midriff.

Aside: if you grew up watching the Dick Van Dyke show, this woman above is the spitting image of Mary Tyler Moore, who many young males dreamed about.

I must say to this day, I love looking at every part of a woman, but the most commonly available is her bottom at the beach, or in shorts.

It was only (un) natural to think of bottoms and spanking, as spanking of myself and friends did occur, and every magazine had children (and occasionally wives) being spanked.

What are your thoughts?

Spanking Kailee would be wonderful

bottoms up

but now it gets you spanked

Mature women spankers

Like many of my readers (well, there used to be readers), I would refer to myself as mature. (please avoid using the word elderly, but if I died in a car accident that is what they might say).

Your wife has given into the fetish of leather, but is going to use a jokari paddle that has been used for over 30 years, effectively
She has even dressed in her sexiest outfit, knowing that your immediate erection will whither under her cane
she has taken out a skirt from long ago, to satisfy your school boy fantasy, to satisfy her desire to cane you strongly
Every time it is the bath brush, tears are certain to follow
The long tawse will leave your bottom as red as her dress, and tomorrow your bottom will still be as red as her hair
you never thought that your wife would enjoy spanking you when you asked, but she has come to love it whenever SHE feels it is necessary.
Not only does your new wife spank you, but she is about to show her daughter how to discipline her step father also.

bottoms up