Eclectic fun post

In moving from tumblr to tumblr, one comes across some really neat stuff!

Kate McKinnon getting her hair pulled by a pornstar Nina Hartley has really useful information for everyone…

Believe it or not, this is something to remove your gag reflex. Something for you guys to show your ladies, and something some guys might like to know
This WILL earn you a spanking
If she decides you need to be spanked, you will be spanked

bottoms up


17 thoughts on “Eclectic fun post

  1. txdwcr says:

    I’d be the one ‘leaping… back’ if I tried the Froggy maneuver. She’d probably clobber me! LOL Maybe I could try the old ‘wasn’t wearing my glasses’ ploy?


    • Thank you Hermione. Only posting occasionally, as we will be starting to live again. Not hard to learn WordPress, but not a ton of interest in learning it.


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