A spanker should be happy!

Hi Everyone: Having had time to look around blogger, and tumblr, twitter, and other sites, the amount of spanking photos / gifs / videos that are so abundant that their is little reason for me to post any, unless the muse strikes with fun items.

I believe the spanker should always be happy: before, during and after spanking you! What do you think?

I understand better, by being spanked! If I have upset Cindy, then I should be spanked! Do You Agree?

If Cindy wants something done, I have learned to do it reasonably soon! What has been your experience?

Bottoms up

If you are vaccinated, then you may be beginning to socialize again! Here is a tip for dating new friends

A Tumblr site with lots of humor : https://roguish-southern-redhead.tumblr.com/ I recommend it.

If You are NOT vaccinated, you are the problem!


12 thoughts on “A spanker should be happy!

    • Cindy is many times not smiling when I have upset her, but hopefully she is smiling afterwards having gotten rid of all of her upset and frustration. The wicked smile is frightening.


    • Cindy sometimes is smiling, specially if not really very upset, but at my look of surprise and worry. Truly, in a DD, both type of reactions by the spanker I think would be normal.


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