Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

Some (many??) of us have an erotic charge from the topic of spanking. For men, it may mean an erection while thinking about being spanked, viewing spanking pictures, reading spanking literature, or spanking your partner. For women, the same applies, but I imagine it would best be described as a warm glow of moisture in their pussy.

Sadly, spankos I think never have as much spanking as they wish, but are grateful for every spanking adventure.

Thus, I have found I have to ask at times, to be spanked!

Personally, I have moved beyond my deliberately doing something that would get me spanked. However, having senior moments (throughout my life, not just now), I do things that result quickly in a spanking, but it is definitely unplanned on my part.

Thus, at times, I either ask for a spanking, or send a private email for Cindy to consider and spank when she has the inclination to spank me. (Many times, we are simply doing good boy spankings)

Delightful, and worrisome to hear

Do you occasionally or often have the same experience?

This look to me says you will be spanked!

bottoms up

WOW!!! Simply WOW!


13 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

  1. Baxter says:

    Asking for a spanking can be difficult. The first time I did it early in our marriage, my wife said no, that it is perverted. But later in our marriage she agreed to do it and actually enjoyed it. Now whenever she spanks me, the number of spanks has to be a prime number. we have fun with it as she might stop at 24 and I will remind her that 24 is not a prime number, but the next prime number is 29 so more spanks are done. I do egg her on to higher numbers as I enjoy the pain and afterglow.


  2. Nothing wrong with asking……even if it’s not for fun but a personal sense of guilt over something real. We certainly enable ‘asking’ and it works out well.

    (The keys made me think that while I understand the obvious intention, could a kinky Black male reverse that color system thinking: “penis goes in the front door, tongue in the back “? LOL)


  3. Hi Red. I have been trying to email you, but the address that you left me does not work. It starts “red,often”. I am wondering if that comma after red, should be a full stop instead



  4. merksmith says:

    I asked this morning Red. We have an arrangement where if she beats me, I have to deep clean her bathroom immediately after. Today, because she had to go out and we have people coming tonight, I have to clean both bathrooms and vacuum clean throughout before the spanking. However, if I do a good job she has said that I will be throughly beaten. Worried now!


      • merksmith says:

        I did thank you Red. Glad you did too. Oftentimes better than waiting for it to pop into her head that you need a spanking. I’m told that she almost never thinks of spanking, whereas it’s seldom far from my thoughts…
        Occassionally though she will decide unasked that I need to be spanked. It usually requires a rapid change of thought from me, so that I accept it willingly and with appropriate behaviour… I don’t want to put her off!!!

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  5. Eric says:

    One time after a stressful day I said “You know what I need?” She said yes I do and you will be getting it. And I did. She had a really good feel for when it was time.


  6. MerkSmith: We are very similar. Cindy does not think about spanking, without my encouragement, but sometimes she gets upset with something I have done, and tells me to bare my bottom and bend over. I have to fight myself not to argue, as I have not thought I did anything wrong. Accepting a spanking which in your mind is out of the blue, takes practice. bottoms up. Red

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