The silent come here

I love these type of pictures that let you know you are about to be spanked.

The eye contact is amazing, and the finger says it all.

The eyes closed are also equally effective, as your pleading looks and mannerisms will have no effect and no possibility exists for you to avoid the spanking.

The longer you delay baring your bottom and going over her lap, the longer and harder the spanking will be.

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Fun thoughts

Just some fun ideas from around the tumblr universe! Wouldn’t it be fun to have parking zones like these/

Would you park here?
Yes, I would park there!
misbehavior is never tolerated
The rhythm method of spanking

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Mature women spanked

Many blogs I follow are written by women over the age of 30 (I am being discrete, as many are much older) discussing there love of being spanked.

I think it is delightful
Clare being spanked

The wonderful thing I like is that it shows how similar spankees are, whether male or female! Most of us do not enjoy the pain while it is being given, but love the thoughts and excitement before the spanking starts, the endorphins produced, and the afterglow.

first the warm-up then the cane
red stripe focuses on mature women

Fun adaptions run along the lines of a daughter spanking her mother. The idea being that the daughter got spanked for doing the exact same thing, so this time the mother should be spanked for dong the exact same thing.

These two ladies are looking forward to being spanked together! Which two spanked women bloggers would you love to imagine being able to watch being spanked?

might they wear knickers

I would love to watch each of the above ladies being spanked!

Which two spanked ladies would you like this to be?

My choice would be Ronnie and Julie!

Drop by their sites. (Ps Strict Julie is now mostly spanked, and loving it)

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my kind of girl!!


Thoughts for today

Sad, I never thought of this before we could have people once again in our house. It would delight and worry me every time I see it, and Cindy would not be embarrassed because no one else would see it.

Do you? My answer is YES!

Presenting a new game show that everyone can play

Now this would be a fun game show to attend!

And here is your host, waiting for wives to nominate their husbands to play!


File this thought under wishful thinking

If it was socially acceptable, then I would be happy to identify as the spankee!

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Answer: Ask them who won the election!


Motherly advice and help!

Just a fun little post, as I am seeing a plethora of two people involved with the spanking of a male.

What I find as a fun thought is a mother explaining or showing her daughter how to spank her boyfriend/ fiancé/ or husband! I truly wished it had happened before we were married, but if I had mentioned spanking before our marriage, Cindy might have ran the other way from me.

The idea that it is a natural event excites me!. So natural that the mother is supervising, but another sister has seen it all before so not really interested.

Can you imagine this scenario?

When married, mother in law is more than happy to help her daughter

Now, the perfect motherly advice! Letting your boyfriend misbehave gets both of you spanked, and then mother will supervise that the daughter spanks him significantly. This will work wonderfully well!

Finally, the ideal situation where every female spanks their partner when needed! Friends and relatives will let your wife know whenever you act inappropriately!

I think this would be wonderful!

What is your opinion??????

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Waiting to be spanked photos

I always find it very erotic, delightful and fascinating to look at photos of people, bare bottomed, and in a position to be spanked. Sometimes you can imagine the spankee deliberately asking for a stronger spanking, by being playful!

you said to remove my panties, not my pantie hose!

A look of pleasure as she sees you admiring how beautiful she is

Will you spank me now?

A look of worry!

Damn! He still looks mad!
men know to bare and await their fate

Surrendering your bottom to the inevitable, but not looking at the spanker’s approach!

Awaiting eagerly for a playful spanking and more

Simple obedience as requested, and hoping this might mitigate your spanking to be a little less severe

Do you have to wait between being told you will be spanked, and when the actual spanking will occur? This does not occur with us, but would be quite erotic!

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If you ever ask how old am I?
I was at Woodstock!


Miss Cindy summoned me

If you do not ask, things might not happen. As the best professional hockey scorer of all time states: ” You miss 100% of all the shots you do NOT take”

So, if you want to be spanked: ASK?

I did, and two days later, I was significantly spanked. Cindy informed me I would be spanked later that day, and that afternoon she used one telephone to another via conference in effect, to summon me to the bedroom. She was gorgeously undressed (or dressed) in a faux leather one piece thong outfit, holding the bath brush.

Miss Cindy had me pull the spanking chair into the middle of the room, ordered me to bare my bottom, and sat on the chair. The spanking was very effective, as she seemed to have the most fun pushing my bottom cheeks upwards so as to constantly spank the crack between bottoms and back of the legs. This was interspersed with spanks below that crack to the top of the back of the legs. MANY SPANKS, WITH SOME ALSO TO THE CHEEKS, HAD A FEW ACTUAL TEARS IN MY EYES. A real first. I was making noise, as has been suggested, owwing loudly, and I must admit squirming, and that may have increased her intensity of the spanks.

A bit of a lecture was included, but this was mostly just a spanking.

I was then informed to stand up and arrange the pillows at the end of the bed for me to place myself over. Amazingly, she had retrieved the long tawse beforehand, and wielded it effectively. She even did some experimentation, spanking from different angles, and just having the end of the tawse strike for maximum effect. It hurt significantly. Some strokes were done from one side, then some from the other, and some from straight behind so they went vertically on my bottom. WOW!

Spread, but at the corner of the bed

Cindy was very pleased with her efforts, and I knew I had been spanked possibly one of the hardest she has ever given me. As she always says: beware what you ask for, you might just get it. My bottom was sore for three days.

We then made passionate love, and with Cindy on top grinding downwards on me to make certain I felt even more of the soreness in my bottom while we fucked.

A truly memorable occasion.

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one for Baxter