Still on vacation

Well, i was going to upload some humor, but WordPress on an iPad from my photos will not work for me.

5 thoughts on “Still on vacation

  1. Baxter says:

    My wife and I are retired. On a recent camping trip, I said something about our being on vacation and my wife said, our whole life is a vacation now. While we do vacate our lovely home, are we really on vacation or is it more of living our life in a different place? Vacation has always been relative to having a job.


    • i agree with your wife. It is to me living our life to the fullest, which we did until the pandemic. Now, we are slowly re-integrating into society. Personally, I think you are just trying to disagree with your wife so she gives you another spanking. Win win. When we travel, we are away from the normal life of cut the grass, work in the garden, go for walks where everything is the same. On vacation, a new adventure or discovery is just around the corner, always.
      bottoms up


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