Happy Halloween

Hope that everyone is staying safe, and can enjoy the children trick or treating.


throwing salt over your shoulder?
how to have a friend hate you!

If it is a cold night, park your car indoors

I would rather think of Charlie Brown, the Great Pumpkin, and people being vaccinated for the good of all!

have fun, and be safe!

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One of my five favorites of all time


The benefits of being spanked

Found this on tumblr, and really agree with the points made.

What are your thoughts on spanking?

My top choice of these is number 2, in relieving stress, but number one is also very important. All the others are just gravy for the meal.

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Have you been vaccinated?

I have so few readers, and so very, very few comments, that I need each of you to be safe.

Imagine a world almost completely polio free. That happened because my parents, and almost every other parent that could, got my sibling and I vaccinated. If you do not want to do it for yourself, please do it for the kids, so they can get back to a more normal life.

Here is what I wish I could do for Halloween!

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Bdsm report by M

Hello Red,
A small report on our BDSM-day yesterday. As already said, it was awesome .My wife dressed up in a leather skirt and had this see-through yellow shirt on. Under it, her boobs had little place to hide and displayed a nice cleavage. The key of my man-cage landed nicely between her breasts.

As we drove, she told me she was very aroused already. ‘I think I am going to orgasm quickly’, she laughed.

We were welcomed by a lady we hadn’t met before, but she was very nice and gave us everything we asked for. After she closed the door, we dressed up and I set out all the tools I thought we would need. I already had set out the ‘gameplay’, but Laura went her own way, I just had to follow.

We took a serious amount of time to get really excited and Laura was indeed soaking wet. She even warned me not to play with her too much, since she was already ready to orgasm. Her boobs seemed to be even bigger and her nipples were rockhard. My erection had no room whatsoever and kept pushing against the plastic cage. I received a number of 12 spankings with the wooden spoon, 14 with the hairbrush and claimed them to be very easy, hoping for a larger set of spankings in the next round.

Between these rounds, we continued to arouse each other. Laura looked marvelous in her grey stockings and I kissed and licked her big round ass, nicely set between the garters of her stockings. The final set of spankings was a round of 16 with the cane. Laura made them count and I really had to fight my way up to 16,  Another small victory was the fact that Laura accepted the name ‘madam’ as I thanked her for the spankings and teasing. Laura had a powerful orgasm after 60 minutes, which put us in a bit of time pressure. I was ordered to remove the man-cage and was locked to the cross on the wall. A blindfold was put over my eyes and Laura put a condom over my erection. She slowly started to tease me, sucking my erection and nipples, playing with them and putting more strain on my lust. I asked her if she could take a nylon stocking out of our bag to put it over my penis, slowly removing it. She complied and increased the licking and sucking of my nipples also. I could feel how she used her legs to press against my penis. I tried humping her leg, looking for more friction. Laura took matters into her hand and I could feel the nylon rubbing my erection. I tensed up and I could feel my orgasm coming. Laura pulled back at the right moment, turning my orgasm into a ‘ruined’ one.

Laura unlocked me carefully and we kissed and hugged for a short time. I could see that my condom was filled with a big load. My balls were completely drained.

We dressed up, cleaned ourselves and paid the lady. Laura said that the lady told her the business was booming. We assured the lady that we would definitely return in a few months.

We had a nice lunch in a hotel and ate pizza with our child later that day.

Looking back, I think it was an awesome session. Laura accepted ‘madam’ as her name during the session and spanked me good. I think we can do more and longer spankings in the next sessions, as well as a bit more ‘pain-play’. The fact that Laura was soaking wet during the session is a confirmation that she loves being in control. She isn’t afraid of hurting me, a great step forward.

Next session could be around the time I have my birthday. I think I am going to use that…..

Kind regards,

Glad you had fun M..,

Any other readers care to share some experiences?

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Is this you?

I have discarded a few items that were just too strong. A whippy whippy cane from the DWC website 18 years ago, but then I was a novice to being spanked. Sort of wish we had it now.

Also, a rubber, long, heavy thick strap, called the dominator (I think) from the dwc site also. It was simply brutal, with just the lightest of spanks

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Every Woman’s right!

One wonders about one’s parents, as to the era they lived in and what their sex life was like! I know that my upbringing never had me hearing them have sex, and that was how we made love when children were at home. It is so wonderful that all the children have flown the coop, and we can now be noisy and wild, just like we were before our children were born.

Have you had the same experience?

Your thoughts?

PS: I wonder how I might have to edit this post, if WordPress disagrees with the images!

Word of advice for men also, if you enjoy having a woman suck your cock!

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Not quite so gentle femdom

Sometimes your mind wanders into deeper depths, but what are you imagining

The look from Angelina Jolie

Maybe, the first thought is of her taking charge of seducing you, confidently!

Thought Two: She might disrobe you, and be on top still clothed!

3. Erotic photos show her putting her fingers in his mouth (so very hard to find)


4. We have NEVER tried choking, but women doing the choking is the only style I would ever post!

It might be erotic while making love, but I worry of the power exchange that younger males might see this type of sexual activity, and get too carried away by the power.

Are any of these ideas a part of your erotic play and sexual habits?

Enjoy, but have everything, sane, and consensual

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keep smiling