A good friend(John) visits Miss Gin

A very good friend from Holland took the opportunity to visit Miss Gin when she came to Holland for a working holiday. I have waited to post this, until having Miss Gin read it, and for her permission to post.

Here is her reply:

I would be happy for you to post the testimonial on your blog. Here is an updated version with the appropriate links and I attached a photo to post with it as well. Also, I will be back in Utrecht mid-October, so hopefully I will get to see your friend again!

John’s letter:
Most of us know on Andy’s blog Someone’s Gonna Get It you can find a lot of posts concerning professional disciplinarians available in the United States, in England and in some other countries. Famous are Andy’s interviews. I always enjoy reading them and maybe it would be in the cards to visit one someday. Of course you have your favorites. Ladies you would be happy to meet someday somewhere. Mostly nothing happens due to distance and expenses.

One of my favorites is Miss Gin from San Francisco also known as NaturallyGin. I was impressed by the interviews on Andy’s blog and it made me longing to meet her for a spanking session. However with an ocean and a continent between us it wasn’t very likely that that would ever happen. Now there was no more than the website, NaturallyGin.com and her personal blog, Smiles and Spanks.

Visiting her blog in June I saw her travel plans for this summer. I supposed there would be visits to several places in the States but certainly not in The Netherlands. There it was, staying in Utrecht in the Netherlands from 28 July till 12  August and available for sessions. It wasn’t a dream.

Would there be a rush of bookings. You never know. I immediately came into action and mailed Gin about my interest in having a spanking session. The following day I got a response. Gin asked me questions about age, experience and so on.  We continued mailing and I made a booking. A couple of days before the session Gin asked to confirm and I did. The impossible was going to happen.

The session was in Utrecht. From where I live it takes a two and a half hour journey by train. Early that morning I went to the railway station and got on the train. After two hours I had to change to another train. I was very nervous. Not about seeing Gin but being too late as I had to change into another train. In Utrecht I took a cab to the address Gin gave me. “Visiting family,” the driver asked. “Sure,” I said. The ride was shorter than expected, so I was a bit early. I paid the driver, and made a nice walk along a canal in the neighborhood.  Time passed quickly. I stood before the house and knocked.  Immediately the door was opened by a young petite woman. “John, I suppose” she asked. “I’m Gin. Please come in.” We took a place and had a nice chat. Gin is very friendly and easy to talk to.

After that we went upstairs. She showed me the bathroom where I could freshen up a bit. Then I was invited into the spanking room. Gin removed my belt and trousers and invited me over her lap. She started spanking, first on my briefs but soon on my bare bottom. Her strong hand did a good job but the hairbrush took over to get more reaction.

“Don’t you feel embarrassed?” Gin asked. “Not really”, I said. “I have been there before”. “I think some embarrassment would do you a lot of good,” Gin said. I had to lay face down on the bed and spread my legs. And then I got it. The back and inner side of my legs got a treatment too. Suddenly Gin was sitting on my back and paddling my bottom with a Miss Rose paddle. “Yes, I know it hurts, but you know it’s for your own good, don’t you?” “Yes Miss,” I meekly said.

After that I had to stand in the corner, face to the wall. Then there was the last part of the session, in standing position. The tawse and the belt did their useful job. My bottom was really on fire.

We went downstairs for some after talk and a coffee. Gin is really generous with her time and very easy to talk to. In our session she wasn’t at all a bitch. But of course I can only talk for myself. She is a strong spanker and has immense energy. I’m glad I made a booking and will definitely return if logistics permit.
Smiles and Spanks, Gin
NaturallyGin & The NaturallyGin Blog

Actually, no photo was attached, and I only noticed this now after checking carefully. Hopefully, out friend’s wife is well, as I know from experience that she is a very accomplished and effective spanker. However, if not in the mood, I can see her giving him permission to travel to meet Miss Gin.

bottoms up


11 thoughts on “A good friend(John) visits Miss Gin”

    1. (Please excuse me for my poor English.) I really like her “Smile & Spanks” page , a very valuable source for amateurs of spanking Art . My favourites relete to “vintage” And mostly French artists, in the early 1920’s…I should post comments on her own site to congratulate her . Thank you for sharing ! You made me smile for years before bedtime . It’s good to see you back !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Courandair: Miss Gin doe shave an amazing website, with great spanking art. My friend also guarantees she gives an amazing spanking. Do post comments on her site. Thank you for coming back to my site.
        bottoms up


  1. I got to play with Gin on a trip to San Francisco a few years ago.*

    Let me add to this: The most important thing about meeting Gin – You will like her! A LOT! She’s that nice.

    Gin is cute, fun, friendly, LOVES to spank, and she’s pretty damn good at it. A nice initial meeting/talk, then “Take your pants off.” Followed by OTK, then bare-bottom, then MY belt on my tush as I laid across a bed, back to OTK, paddle, hairbrush, strap, etc. with a break or two in between. I was THOROUGHLY spanked. But not more than I could take. The results followed me home on the red-eye flight back to the east coast, all with a tingle in the tush and a smile, my every thought of her was how much I personally liked her.

    * A note: Her studio then was on the top of one of SF’s famous hills. NB: Don’t park at the base of that hill and walk up! Once I got to her building it took me about 20-minutes to catch my breath! And I thought I was in pretty good shape!


      1. Nice to know the hill near where you live is not too high. Some are, but many are not very high, and would never stop a person from visiting.
        bottoms up (maybe someday it will be mine)

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  2. Nice post Red. If you’re going to San Francisco. Be sure to book a session with Miss Gin. You’ll like here and you will get the spanking of your life, an ever lasting memory. You’re welcome here for a trip to Utrecht. No hills at all you know!


  3. A: thanks for another highly deserved praise of Miss Gin! Glad to see she is still having fun spanking people. If ever I visit, I already know about those hills, so park outside the building only.
    bottoms up


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