Is this you?

I have discarded a few items that were just too strong. A whippy whippy cane from the DWC website 18 years ago, but then I was a novice to being spanked. Sort of wish we had it now.

Also, a rubber, long, heavy thick strap, called the dominator (I think) from the dwc site also. It was simply brutal, with just the lightest of spanks

bottoms up


8 thoughts on “Spanking”

  1. For my part, a Delrin cane was the proverbial ‘Should Have Been More Careful What I Wished For’.. but for the Wife, her least favorite to use is the Vermont Country Store brush I managed to snag before they discontinued carrying them. Giving a bright red bottom doesn’t bother her, but she’s not a fan of anything that bruises or marks too severely.

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    1. Cindy uses this often, but not at an intensity to cause bruising, as she stays far away from any bone. However, on the fleshiest part of my bottom cheeks, it turns from red to grey before she stops, and becomes red again the next day after a shower. Thus, the tawse is her second instrument when I am being spanked, and leather can go anywhere, and it certainly does. We do have one delrin cane that is rarely used, (it certainly is effective if used with purpose.
      bottoms up

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