Happy Thanksgiving

It is always nice to wish everyone a happy day, so whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country today, or at another time, I wish you a happy day.

Do those things that make you happy!

Maybe a hike in the forest will bring a little color into your life

Beware: A family get together sometimes leads to excessive drinking and being argumentative! Your wife might ask you to join her upstairs for a moment to help her with a problem!

Do not worry if family see what your wife is holding, they will certainly hear the behavior being changed!

Plus, if they already know you are spanked, they might simply think it is part of the entertainment!

and just continue making the family dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving

bottoms up


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. I like your sense of humor. For Thanksgiving, my wife’s relatives will be over for a large turkey dinner. I will in the kitchen this morning to do a great deal of the preparation. Her family knows she spanks me and if I don’t behave properly, I may be spanked in front of them. Happy Thanksgiving.

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