Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

We have been through a drought, and as I have been an angel for so long, I need to be spanked just for my mental health.

Thus, I asked before dinner for a small spanking, and if Cindy could give me a real spanking tomorrow!

Cindy, being in a great mood, obliged with twenty really strong spanks with the fearsome wooden spoon. She was happy throughout, and no holding back or recriminations.

If you have a willing partner, ask when you need to be spanked!

bottoms up


9 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked”

  1. I would vever hesitate before asking for a good spanking , as it is , at least for me, an absolute stress reliever . Most of the time, she is happy to oblige, as she trust me about my need, my craving … and my love.
    Thank you Red !

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  2. All hail the healing powers of the mighty wooden spoon 🙂


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    Hope that helps


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  3. I have absolutely asked for a spanking before. Usually it comes, but not to the Intensity level I typically want or need at that moment. But that’s because Sir wasn’t too sure it was needed, and wanted to oblige but not over-do-it too.

    The stress relief and connection with him are always good!


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