A surprise awaits

I enjoy seeing women holding a spanking implement, even if I am the one about to be spanked.

However, a woman holding it behind her, hidden, as a surprise for immediate use is an even more erotically charged event!

If you see her standing in the window as you walk towards your house, you are certainly in for a really strong spanking

One ingenious tumblr posted this: waiting and listening for the foot steps on the stairs

Have you ever had the experience when you were least expecting to be spanked!

The spanking is not quite as much fun as the excitement prior to the actual spanking.

bottoms up


6 thoughts on “A surprise awaits”

  1. I do hate it when my wife meets me at the door. That means I need to bare my bottom and bend over the back of the couch for a paddling. She tells why I am being paddled while I am being paddled. I have learned just to agree with her if I say anything at all.

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  2. It happened long time ago, I thought I was in for a blissful (but not so) light spanking, and she delivered a really severe one, the kind with “vengeance” writen deeply on my butt. At times, it happened I disagree … and I completely changed my mind soon after, because, as it shows in some K.d.pierre’ s stories, it appeared she was right, so … The next spanking would be mine.
    Bottoms up Red ! (at least, my bottom…)

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    1. if your wife initiates a spanking, many times you have no idea how strong it will be. Sad, but true, that we are only convinced of something while being spanked, as we are too stubborn to admit it before the spanking,
      bottoms up


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