Humor to get you spanked

Usually, it is fun to tease your wife, but it might get you spanked. I am uncertain but I think that is called a WIN WIN SITUATION! (as long as she is not too pissed off)

So, here are a few things you might consider sending to her! (the last one is the best before bottoms up)

Your wife speaking of how strong her girlfriend is!

If your wife is suggesting we stop using male terms for things.. Like hey you guys… Do we now say : Hey They???????? Mindboggling!

Tell her this joke

Remember, when she is frustrated, add to the frustration

use a witty comeback

buy her this for Christmas

Silence is probably a good idea about now!

Under no circumstances should you send this one to her!!!!!!!!!!!

This one will assuredly get you spanked and sent to hell!

bottoms up


6 thoughts on “Humor to get you spanked”

    1. being a wise man, I do not send links to my posts to my wife. She knows I have a blog, and would probably laugh if she read them. I truly loved the God and orgasm!
      bottoms up


  1. These are really good………..except for the Rittwick Sharma ones. They didn’t do much for me. But, I think when I have some more time, I will come back and snatch a few of the really good ones. The wordplay one with “any means necessary” has to be my favorite but there were a LOT of others in this batch too (wise man, fishing license, etc.) ! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Make certain you check with your better half before you are near any snatch! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      You are very welcome. I enjoy finding things of this nature, and save them to try and put them together with similar thoughts
      bottoms up


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