Starting a marriage correctly

Just a fun post of spanking thoughts from different sites on tumblr.

The wedding night

For the idea that we do not agree with spanking children, let us say his mother started when he was 18. But if she did not follow mother’s advice, eventually they might be at a marriage counsellor

Starting that day, the wife may finally have understood what works in a marriage

Then wives should share the knowledge with neighbors and friends

Spanking works in a marriage to solve minor problems, if the situation is consensual as a method to solve problems.

It is about time you learn the errors of your ways.

Which of these ladies should have the honor of spanking you?

bottoms up


6 thoughts on “Starting a marriage correctly”

  1. Our 38th anniversary is this coming Friday. As I have said before on your blog, I tried to get my wife to spank me from the beginning of our marriage, but she said it was perverted. She relented later in our marriage. However, I think spanking would have stopped me from doing some of the stupid stuff I did back then. As far as the six women spankers, it is hard to choose, but I am thinking #5 as she has spare paddles on the floor in case one breaks.

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    1. Congratulations to your wife with putting up with you for so long. It is no wonder why she agreed to spank you after a number of years ( I could not resist teasing you). good choice on a woman who uses more than one implement during a spanking. We recently celebrated 50 years married
      bottoms up


  2. Definitively, the 3 last one, a certain maturity does appeal me since my young years … I would say that today I’m more interested in women of my age. thank you Red !

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    1. Agreed, but it would be a fun experience to have someone much younger spank you, with your wife watching. Good to imagine her teaching the younger lady how to spank effectively.
      bottoms up


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