Time to flee

I do not know how you are coping with the pandemic, but I have not been doing well. We are both vaccinated, and boosted, but in our 70’s. The winter is cold, and seeming eternal. I have been drinking far too much, for far too long.

Watching football games in the USA and England (yes, I love both types. NFL and FIFA) and seeing the stadiums packed, gets me down! Now the health minister for Canada says eventually everyone may end up getting Covid! Truly depressing.

Have they been isolating us, to simply cover the fact that our hospitals are underfunded, the nurses and staff woefully underpaid, and that they have in the past, and are still currently underfunding our health system. People point to Canada for their universal health care, but it is in shambles. There have been massive backlogs for every type of operation, and this was before Covid. We happen to live in a predominantly immigrant city, where the health care has been chronically even more underfunded for over 30 years than the rest of our province.

Covid is bad, but most people are surviving it, and being vaccinated, our chances are good. Living isolated forever will no longer work!

We leave shortly for an all-inclusive in the Caribbean, for two weeks.

I love the ocean, swimming in it, and walking on the beach. Never make it for sun rise, but do enjoy sunsets!

I have left some posts for anyone who drops by my blog. I will re-start when we get home. If it never re-starts, such is life, as what we are currently doing is not living.

I am deleting all spanking pictures from my computer, and sanitizing! I am also discarding spanking implements no longer used.

We will do everything as safely as possible.

Wish us luck

bottoms up


Daily spankings

We are both getting stressed, and thus one part of the solution is for Cindy to spank me often. She has agreed to this.

Cindy had been really down one day, and the main factor was remembering a friend who committed suicide a few months ago. The friend had her ups and downs, and was on medication for depression, but after catching covid, she ended up with long covid and a whole list of problems.

Moving on, as everyone by know may know someone who has died from Covid illness, or related to Covid. The freedom to take the vaccine is not freedom, but simply a choice to endanger the health and well being of everyone else. It is socially repugnant to me.

We are trying to solve my yelling when upset, as it is only two of us here, so I am yelling at Cindy when we argue. It is my stress, and possibly dejection at the state of life. I do not think I am depressed, but it could happen.

Thus, the first day involved three different spankings. The cane for the first spanking, where I asked she do it harder and longer than she normally does. (Recommended to me by Ronnie). The second and third were in the kitchen.

Since then their has been one( or more) a day, most days usually two spankings. I was spanked earlier today!

In the north country, with wind chill and extreme weather alerts , we are housebound! My next post will tell you our solution.

How are you coping?

Bottoms up


The Belt

I find it far more effective and satisfying, when Cindy makes all the decisions when I am going to be spanked!

Recently, Cindy had me go to the bedroom, and then went to my pants hanging in the closet and started to take my belt off the pants. She remarked how very convenient that if we travel, you always have this available for me to use on your bottom. No gif for our situation, but this sets the mood perfectly!

She then stated that I should put some pillows on the bed, bare my bottom, and place myself suitably over the pillows.

She doubled the belt, and then proceeded to give me quite a spanking with the belt!

The reason for the spanking is irrelevant for me to relate. When told you are to be spanked, your reaction is simply to prepare things so you can be spanked!

The only difference from the gif below is my bottom was raised by pillows to present an even better target.

This was a very effective spanking.

Does your partner ever use a belt?

bottoms up


Love and Spanking

A rather nice object to give your partner for Valentine’s Day! Anyone have an idea where to purchase it?

Wouldn’t it make a wonderful game show? If your partner gets a wrong answer, you get to spank your partner, on live tv. I would love to watch, and be a guest on the show. Knowing some of my readers, we would all get wrong answers!

Some of the things we saw in movies from before our time, have left an indelible impression!

However, our wives from the next generation after this movie was made, have a different view, and will not be spanked. Fortunately, they decided it was appropriate to be the spanker!

Visit https://wifespanks.com/ if you enjoy seeing a woman spanking her partner!

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Spanking in our life

I have been spanked a few times since last I wrote, and with my encouragement, Cindy is spanking harder, and caning harder. Cindy has previously almost always lessened the spanking strength and length when I react to the punishment, but once in a while she just keeps spanking with the same intensity, or stronger.

nice strapping

The above looks wonderfully effective. Slow, effective, and the spanker looks like she can keep spanking all day. Knowing that she will keep spanking can work wonders in your mind, and your bottom will be sore for days.

Similarly to exercising any part of your body, my bottom can take much harder spankings than when we began 17 years ago.

One advantage of pictures is that I have learned to have my head and upper body much lower, and that really presents the back of the legs and the bottom for more significant spanking, and also protects the sternum from any errant spank with anything wooden.

Feel free to write about one of your (real not imagined) spankings in the comment section.

My last had Cindy use a leather paddle, but it was more noise than effect. She then did a number of spanks with the short tawse that has me owwing and bouncing around. However, today, the soreness is from the paddle.

bottoms up


Being older, and still being spanked!

The nice thing of being older, is that Cindy and I are so very comfortable with each other, and still madly in love. Thus, being spanked is simply something that happens without drama.

A market exists for seeing older people being spanked, which is quite nice when you think about it. His grey hair, and her white hair fits perfectly for us, except we dye our hair.

Dressing up, for “a dressing down” (old fashioned saying) and spanking is delicious to contemplate

Mature spankers, spanking mature people, is AWESOME!

As nice as it is to see young attractive women being spanked, it is equally as nice to see people your own age spanking, and being spanked.

Saving the best until last.

Still employed (being paid) for being spanked for a website! Wonderful

bottoms up (mine is )


coffee anyone?

Everyone needs a coffee cup like this!

The only question is: Should the spanking be before coffee, or after?

My opinion would be before, because then Cindy can relax and enjoy her coffee, knowing she has solved whatever needed solving!

If she wants, she can leisurely sip it while watching me standing in the corner with my bare red bottom on display.

hopefully, this will be included in the AFTER!

men enjoy being cuddled!

Your thoughts? Would you like this cup with the description on it.? Would you keep it where any guest in your house could access it?

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Thoughts on consensual spanking

  1. No spanking should ever be rushed. It is a teaching moment for him to learn of his mistake, and atoning for the mistake.

2. When told you need to be spanked, these two captions should be obvious. This might be as soon as we are home, or if already at home, then it means NOW!

3. If ever an argument should ever happen, he must be spanked ASAP!

4. Men learn best by a weekly reminder about their responsibilities (I wish Cindy did this)

Consensual spanking works best if the above ideas are a part of the agreement for the couple. Every man should remember that being spanked means another one will happen very soon, if his behavior merits it.

bottoms up


Spanking zone and techniques

Always nice to look at a picture of a beautiful bottom. Even better when it shows valuable information!

Cindy has really started to focus on the sit spot, without knowing about this diagram. I will be sending it to her, and you should consider sending it to your partner.

Time to practice!

as shown above, Cindy pulls the skin taut to really make the crack between bottom and thighs are truly spanked

Always have him high enough over your lap, ( his head significantly lower than his bottom) so that his lower bottom and the back of the legs are most prominent to be able to be spanked!

while he is helpless, do remind him why he is being spanked, and that you are nowhere close to finishing his spanking.

When his feet cannot touch the ground, he has a greater feeling of being helpless while being spanked. This is a photo of quite perfect coverage, but she should have a bath brush to finish the spanking. No reason for her hand to be sore, only his bottom.

Enjoy spanking him!

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