Spanking zone and techniques

Always nice to look at a picture of a beautiful bottom. Even better when it shows valuable information!

Cindy has really started to focus on the sit spot, without knowing about this diagram. I will be sending it to her, and you should consider sending it to your partner.

Time to practice!

as shown above, Cindy pulls the skin taut to really make the crack between bottom and thighs are truly spanked

Always have him high enough over your lap, ( his head significantly lower than his bottom) so that his lower bottom and the back of the legs are most prominent to be able to be spanked!

while he is helpless, do remind him why he is being spanked, and that you are nowhere close to finishing his spanking.

When his feet cannot touch the ground, he has a greater feeling of being helpless while being spanked. This is a photo of quite perfect coverage, but she should have a bath brush to finish the spanking. No reason for her hand to be sore, only his bottom.

Enjoy spanking him!

bottoms up


6 thoughts on “Spanking zone and techniques”

  1. My wife is a very good spanker and always spanks my upper thighs and sit spot. That way I don’t need to do corner time because she has me sit on a straight back wooden chair for an hour. She also uses a high stool many times to spank me. My feet and hands do not touch the floor and I feel like a helpless naughty little boy.

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    1. Must remember to send David a message of where in future he should focus more attention when spanking you. Actually, the entire blue area should be well spanked, and in your case, much more often. What are friends for except to encourage David to spank you more often! Maybe he should ask a friend to help!
      bottoms up


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