coffee anyone?

Everyone needs a coffee cup like this!

The only question is: Should the spanking be before coffee, or after?

My opinion would be before, because then Cindy can relax and enjoy her coffee, knowing she has solved whatever needed solving!

If she wants, she can leisurely sip it while watching me standing in the corner with my bare red bottom on display.

hopefully, this will be included in the AFTER!

men enjoy being cuddled!

Your thoughts? Would you like this cup with the description on it.? Would you keep it where any guest in your house could access it?

bottoms up


9 thoughts on “coffee anyone?”

  1. I like that math problem. I wa always very with math. If my wife had it her way, all of our coffee cups would have that saying on them and yes, ever guest would see them and use them. My wife would also explain what they mean to anyone.

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    1. I am certain you could order one from somewhere. Why not order one for her birthday. I wish my wife would use one and explain to friends, but then again, no one is visiting our home, and family should never see them because we would not want grandchildren to see them.
      bottoms up


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