thought for today

Give me a pat on the back when I do something nice, and a pat slightly lower if you want fun tonight.

Guess he will be having some fun tonight!

bottoms up

4 thoughts on “thought for today”

  1. If you want to put a video in a post, find the video that you want to use and keep it in a separate tab. Click on the plus sign of the block that you want to put the video in. That brings up the normal rectangle, for posting images, etc. At the bottom of this, click on “Browse All”. This should bring up a menu, on the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll down that until you see the YouTube symbol, a small red rectangle with an arrow in it. Click on that. This should give you an imbed bar in the block that you are working on. Copy the URL, from the video and paste it into this bar and embed. The video should appear in the post.

    I just noticed that WordPress have added a Vimeo symbol in this section. Which I presume means that we can embed videos from Vimeo as well as YouTube now.



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