Being older, and still being spanked!

The nice thing of being older, is that Cindy and I are so very comfortable with each other, and still madly in love. Thus, being spanked is simply something that happens without drama.

A market exists for seeing older people being spanked, which is quite nice when you think about it. His grey hair, and her white hair fits perfectly for us, except we dye our hair.

Dressing up, for “a dressing down” (old fashioned saying) and spanking is delicious to contemplate

Mature spankers, spanking mature people, is AWESOME!

As nice as it is to see young attractive women being spanked, it is equally as nice to see people your own age spanking, and being spanked.

Saving the best until last.

Still employed (being paid) for being spanked for a website! Wonderful

bottoms up (mine is )


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