Spanking in our life

I have been spanked a few times since last I wrote, and with my encouragement, Cindy is spanking harder, and caning harder. Cindy has previously almost always lessened the spanking strength and length when I react to the punishment, but once in a while she just keeps spanking with the same intensity, or stronger.

nice strapping

The above looks wonderfully effective. Slow, effective, and the spanker looks like she can keep spanking all day. Knowing that she will keep spanking can work wonders in your mind, and your bottom will be sore for days.

Similarly to exercising any part of your body, my bottom can take much harder spankings than when we began 17 years ago.

One advantage of pictures is that I have learned to have my head and upper body much lower, and that really presents the back of the legs and the bottom for more significant spanking, and also protects the sternum from any errant spank with anything wooden.

Feel free to write about one of your (real not imagined) spankings in the comment section.

My last had Cindy use a leather paddle, but it was more noise than effect. She then did a number of spanks with the short tawse that has me owwing and bouncing around. However, today, the soreness is from the paddle.

bottoms up


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