How to spank gifs

Just cleaning out my stored files, so thought this might be an inspiration to some spankers.

Scenario one: The bath brush

establish a rhythm, using strength on each spank

Scenario two: The belt

nice rhythm

Always love Audrey’s gorgeous bottom being spanked

the long strap

one sorry bottom

bottoms up


A tumblr gets me spanked

Regular readers know that we go through periods of many spankings, then none and I need to ask. My usual way of asking is via email, and it usually works. My most recent email was as follows:

Maybe some of these thoughts might remind you that I need spanking regularly, even when everything is going perfectly.

it reduces both my stress, and it also helps reduce your stress.

It has been too long between spankings for my well being.

Simple solutions for you to try.

Simple statement

or if I am in any way trying to disagree

and to be effective, it has to last longer than when I wish it had ended. 

When you think you should stop:

you could ask if I have had enough of a spanking?

If I say yes, then respond with okay, I will do some more just to be really certain.

If I say not yet, then you are spanking too lightly

I love you

The above captioned photos come from my favorite tumblr:

I will let you know what happens!

Our thoughts and prayers are for the people of the Ukraine!

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today is twos day

on the lighter side

On the darker side!

and if up is down and down is up,

consider the following (quid means pounds, about 74 cents USA equals one quid (pound in British money)

Prince Andrew! the Duke of York

Prince Andrew claimed he never met her, and never had sex with her (an underage female)

Consider if you like, that Jerry Epstein committed suicide?

Now, a procurer in France for Epstein has died in mysterious circumstances in France while in JAIL!

Lastly, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were well known associates of Jerry Epstein

Does the slime of politicians EVER END???????????

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The woodshed

We do not have a woodshed,

but we do have a bedroom!

come upstairs please

means I am about to be spanked!

the vintage look is spectacular

Of course, anywhere in the forest will do

or at the log cabin

A unique corner time in the great outdoors

but this rubbing might mean another trip back inside the woodshed

Hope you enjoyed the fantasy.

Bottoms up


Outdoor spanking

I have always gotten a thrill when Cindy would spank me outdoors, but, unfortunately, they are brief and Cindy is far too nervous except for a play spanking.

With the above thought, all that is needed is the words bare your bottom and bend over! Here is a little collection of outdoor spanking photos you might enjoy!.

Road trip and your partner is so annoying you want to spank them. No Problem! Just do it!

Advice to readers! It is an exhilarating experience. If seen , most people will say something like good one, mate.

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Valentine’s Day

Make certain you bring your loved one something they will enjoy!

However, if you fail, she will have a present for you!

However, men are simple creatures delighted with simple gestures

Send him a selfie might be a suggestion

or go with him for a bottle of wine at his favorite outdoor restaurant

Whatever you do, have a wonderful day together!

So, ladies, don’t worry about getting me what you got me last year.

I’ve got enough restraining orders already.

And if you enjoy being spanked, do ask for a loving spanking on valentine’s Day

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Artistic, sensual Corner time photos

A fascination with this topic has created this post. Imagine the view from outside, and then you see the view from inside. He is on display in a truly elegant neighborhood!

Elegance is delightful, and artistic placement of the person standing in the corner naked, is sublime!

A well spanked bottom, and the implement on display for everyone to see who visits. Imagine the wonderful thoughts when they admire it, and state how beautiful it is, but ask why here and not displayed in the kitchen.

The glorious answer is because if hubby needs to be spanked ASAP, I want to be able to do it immediately

Another delightful erotic image!

You will be spanked when the sands of time decide

The following photo term for older persons like me is : CLASSY!

He will be spanked only when she is ready

The elegance of waiting with the chair ready, or maybe the canes waiting

This is just so perfect in eroticism, in my mind, that it merits a full sized photo!

Can you just imagine the discussion these two ladies are having?

Seems worthy of its own: “make a caption for this photo”

Corner time can be sensual, while being effective!

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Love and Obey

A interesting site you should consider visiting with your partner is

It’s main focus is creating a FEMALE LEAD RELATIONSHIP.

This is something I strive for, but my strong forceful manner prevents us from achieving it. In addition, Cindy acquiesces to my forceful nature. (The photos below are just for fun to look at.

we do need more of this! Him having a red bottom!

It is much like the original booklets that Aunt Kay posted 20 plus years ago on her website. She let the website lapse, and it is now a UNSAFE site, as it is owned and might attack your computer with malware or worse.

However, whereas Aunt Kay’s site focused on spanking of a man by his wife:

for discipline whenever he displeased his wife (I am truly generalizing),

how to give discipline

how the man could ask for her to begin spanking him as needed, and how to accept her discipline, plus real people commenting at length on their situation!

The site above will cover most kinks that the average person thinks about. A book for every topic.


Have fun exploring the site!

bottoms up

the last gif is quite funny, watch until it is done!