My Stupidity

Well, I had a sleepless night last night, due to passwords. My computer had frozen, so I had to re-boot it. Being late at night, I thought I would login to my various adult accounts. (tumblr, yahoo, wordpress).

I mis-typed, and being late at night, could not get into any site. DUMB. I almost started asking for send code to other account, but realized I was getting locked out of everywhere.

Fortunately, I stopped. Today, all the codes work! Such an idiot!

Never do any computer stuff late at night

Once I was almost scammed because I reacted to an financial email that was a scam, late at night.

The password code I had used was simplistic, but it is no longer that way. I do know now that I need to delete much more from my email, as I worried overnight. Some people I communicate with their real everyday email! I constantly state to everyone to use a different email solely for adult content you do not want anyone else to know.

I was afraid that whoever hacked my accounts, had access to this. As my accounts were not hacked, all is well! However, anyone’s real email address will be deleted from my email adult account, including my habit of sending stuff from my everyday account to my adult account.

My new password is relatively unbreakable!

Do NOT be as DUMB as I was with passwords.

Do NOT be dumb and use one password for both adult and everyday.

bottoms up


4 thoughts on “My Stupidity”

  1. I have f**cked up a couple of computers because I went on X rated sites and my wife caught me. My ass was sore for quite a while and rightfully so. She really knows how to yell and scream and spank. Oh well, lesson learned, several times.

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    1. I always try incognito on adult sites, but knw they track the location. Fortunately, Cindy never asks to see what I sometimes store on my computer, or where I visit.
      bottoms up


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