Starting a marriage correctly

Just a fun post of spanking thoughts from different sites on tumblr.

The wedding night

For the idea that we do not agree with spanking children, let us say his mother started when he was 18. But if she did not follow mother’s advice, eventually they might be at a marriage counsellor

Starting that day, the wife may finally have understood what works in a marriage

Then wives should share the knowledge with neighbors and friends

Spanking works in a marriage to solve minor problems, if the situation is consensual as a method to solve problems.

It is about time you learn the errors of your ways.

Which of these ladies should have the honor of spanking you?

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Humor to get you spanked

Usually, it is fun to tease your wife, but it might get you spanked. I am uncertain but I think that is called a WIN WIN SITUATION! (as long as she is not too pissed off)

So, here are a few things you might consider sending to her! (the last one is the best before bottoms up)

Your wife speaking of how strong her girlfriend is!

If your wife is suggesting we stop using male terms for things.. Like hey you guys… Do we now say : Hey They???????? Mindboggling!

Tell her this joke

Remember, when she is frustrated, add to the frustration

use a witty comeback

buy her this for Christmas

Silence is probably a good idea about now!

Under no circumstances should you send this one to her!!!!!!!!!!!

This one will assuredly get you spanked and sent to hell!

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A surprise awaits

I enjoy seeing women holding a spanking implement, even if I am the one about to be spanked.

However, a woman holding it behind her, hidden, as a surprise for immediate use is an even more erotically charged event!

If you see her standing in the window as you walk towards your house, you are certainly in for a really strong spanking

One ingenious tumblr posted this: waiting and listening for the foot steps on the stairs

Have you ever had the experience when you were least expecting to be spanked!

The spanking is not quite as much fun as the excitement prior to the actual spanking.

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Sometimes you have to ask to be spanked

We have been through a drought, and as I have been an angel for so long, I need to be spanked just for my mental health.

Thus, I asked before dinner for a small spanking, and if Cindy could give me a real spanking tomorrow!

Cindy, being in a great mood, obliged with twenty really strong spanks with the fearsome wooden spoon. She was happy throughout, and no holding back or recriminations.

If you have a willing partner, ask when you need to be spanked!

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Christmas shopping ideas

A coffee cup that says it all!

When choosing a new implement, ask yourself:

for the spankee and the best for the spanker

I recommend the bath brush!

This shows you why!

I can attest to it being very, very, very effective

(did I say very enough times for you to understand)

Send her the video, let her surprise you!

Caption from:

Visit again to see more gift giving thoughts!

If you have an idea to share with everyone, do let us know!

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The Great Outdoors

One fabulous feature of spanking is that you can do it outdoors!

Of course, it does take a little bit of bravery the first time!

but then you can enhance the anytime any place idea

Really, you can simply walk outside with your paddle and put it to good use

You can simply pull off the road and spank him

a boat is delightful, with waves just right his bottom will rise for every spank

stop anywhere, whether on a trail bench, or on somelogs

and really, if friends drop by and he misbehaves have them watch his comeuppance, or even join in

or you can even hold him in place for your friend he insulted spanks him,

while whispering in his ear that he can expect another more severe spanking as soon as they are home!

Have you ever spanked or been spanked outdoors?

Share one occasion with our readers!

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The thought of every young man is being naked with two women making love with him.

(Political correct version would be MANY not every)

If he were to suggest this to his wife, naming a friend of hers who might be interested, the outcome is pre-ordained! She would have a chat with the woman before the get together!

not the threesome he imagined

Women do talk to each other, so she might also be a spanking wife!

I think her friend is enjoying having a part of his being spanked

and, once word gets around that he is spanked whenever he misbehaves

and not only will they spank him when needed, but also they will tell his wife why they spanked him, so that she can reinforce their decision with another spanking immediately.

similar to paddled at school, spanked when you get home

How times HAVE CHANGED! Many readers now fantasize about being spanked by their wife and another woman. I know I do! DO YOU?

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PS: Men never change


Happy Thanksgiving

It is always nice to wish everyone a happy day, so whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country today, or at another time, I wish you a happy day.

Do those things that make you happy!

Maybe a hike in the forest will bring a little color into your life

Beware: A family get together sometimes leads to excessive drinking and being argumentative! Your wife might ask you to join her upstairs for a moment to help her with a problem!

Do not worry if family see what your wife is holding, they will certainly hear the behavior being changed!

Plus, if they already know you are spanked, they might simply think it is part of the entertainment!

and just continue making the family dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving

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The mighty kitchen wood

If you are spanked, I am certain that at some time you have been spanked by a wooden kitchen implement, and you bared your bottom for it’s use in the kitchen! If you are the spanker, you probably have done the above to your spankee also.

The look is always followed by bare your bottom in our household!

Personally, when we are in a mode of spanking frequently, as opposed to a non-spanking drought, this is certain to happen a few times during the week.

It is a simple statement of bare your bottom and bend over!

But sometimes, it can be more severe, if a chair is pulled out for Cindy to sit on.

or, come with me, and the spanking is taken to another room for Cindy to be comfortable while spanking me.

afterwards, this does not happen, but it would be effective!

We actually have a soup stirrer which is massively effective, without bruising that a heavy large wooden soup spoon would do. We have one that has been used, but very very infrequently. It bruises if used for any length of time.

Have you been spanked with a wooden implement in the kitchen?

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Hand on the Hip

A hint that you better comply instantly with whatever your wife(partner) is saying, is the expression you see on her face, and the body language involved.

you will be SPANKED!

OF course, with one hand on her hip, the other hand might also show you a hint at your fate!

Which one of these following ladies would you like to be giving you your spanking, with no choice of implement, because she has already decided that for you?

Bottoms up

My choices in no special order would be 1, 3, 11, and 18