Closing time once again!

It had to come sometime, as my interest in posting wanes! However, I have written this post over a month ago, and pushed it to a later date a few times.

Will we still be into spanking?

Will my spankings now be milder because of age?

Will i ever behave perfectly in life?

but the solution is always easy

Goodbye, farewell and so long!

This gif is for blogger, for having closed my: and also stopping me from getting to my abbreviated where I was going to re-post all of it.

and remember, to all my friends who dropped by over the years

I did not interview her, but this quote is apt for our troubles with Covid!

keep enjoying life

PS: quite possibly out of the blue, as an old saying goes, I might toss out a post, but time will tell. I do have things I will eventually post, but we are off now for three weeks, and then when home we will be booking future vacations. We are going to start traveling, and getting back into the world.



5 thoughts on “Closing time once again!”

  1. Red, I’m sorry to see you go, but thank you for your friendship, and the line “every storm runs out of rain”.

    Bon voyage, dear friend.



  2. Enjoy life Red and I’m sure that urge to share your thoughts and ideas on spanking will return .
    Will miss your posts , both spanking and non-spanking as they never fail to entertain and amuse.
    Wishing you happy spanking trails.
    Ps : I see Blogger seem to have deleted KD’s blog as well , so yet another spanking friend is gone.


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