The Great Outdoors

One fabulous feature of spanking is that you can do it outdoors!

Of course, it does take a little bit of bravery the first time!

but then you can enhance the anytime any place idea

Really, you can simply walk outside with your paddle and put it to good use

You can simply pull off the road and spank him

a boat is delightful, with waves just right his bottom will rise for every spank

stop anywhere, whether on a trail bench, or on somelogs

and really, if friends drop by and he misbehaves have them watch his comeuppance, or even join in

or you can even hold him in place for your friend he insulted spanks him,

while whispering in his ear that he can expect another more severe spanking as soon as they are home!

Have you ever spanked or been spanked outdoors?

Share one occasion with our readers!

bottoms up


10 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors”

    1. prefectdt: on a boat would be interesting, but difficult to arrange in your situation. Whereas, when we were cruising, I was spanked regularly on a cruise ship
      bottoms up


  1. I don’t recall being spanked outside, but my wife and I have had sex in the bushes maybe four feet from the hiking trail and another time, camping in VT and having sex on a cloudless moonlit night. As to the memes, the one with the moron with the stop sign scratching his butt, one time driving through VT, we had to wait for our turn to pass some roadwork and one of the workers had such a huge gut, that his pants didn’t go above halfway of his butt, so the whole world got a disgusting view, even though we were laughing at it.

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  2. Yes I have been spanked by our pond twice.
    The sound was loser than I thought it would be. However once the switch was employed,
    The fun part had ended. Those things sure do sting!

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